Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Good on them - Supermarkets come out in support of our BADGERS

A number of supermarkets including Asda and Marks & Spencer have tonight announced that they are NOT going to purchase milk from any of the farms that take part in the proposed Badger cull trials expected to begin in Gloucestershire and Somerset this week. Furthermore, some real heavyweights with substantial funding and wealth are supporting the Badger Trust with a will to prevent the culls from taking place.

The government intends to kill over 140,000 Badgers over 10 years in the designated trial areas - science on countless times already proving such actions as futile and pointless. The Farmers Union claim that this will reduce Bovine TB by 16%. Poppycock. Farmers need to vaccinate their herds, not decimate defenceless Badgers. BTB is rife on the Isle of Man - no Badger has ever set foot there.

The Badger Trust has been and is continuing to do so daily, vaccinating Badgers that they are trapping close to the setts. Any injured animal bought into rescue centres is also being immunised too. This is the way forward.

Please support the Southwest Badgers in any way that you can

Many thanks

Lee Evans