Thursday, 26 May 2011

An outstanding service - Repairs and Servicing of Binoculars and Telescopes

Tony Kay senior has been repairing telescopes and binoculars for over 50 years now and is a true professional and expert in his field. Following his 5-year apprenticeship in instrument making, he began repairing optical instruments in 1960 and in 1962 launched his own company 'Kay Optical Servicing', in Morden in Surrey. By 2002, Tony left the sales side of the business to his youngest son (also named Tony) and had a special workshop built next to his home in Selsey, West Sussex. Thus was born OPTREP OPTICAL REPAIRS.

I cannot recommend this service more highly and have been mightily impressed by Tony's professionalism and high standards. The repair works are speedy, economical and effective, Tony being very conversant in the requirements of birdwatchers. He can repair all makes and ages of telescope and binocular, including Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Kowa, Swarowski, Optolyth, Opticron and others, as well as those produced in World War ii. So, if you are unfortunate to have an optical accident, do not hesitate to contact Tony on 01243 601365 or

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

RSPB support capture but NOT culling of non-naturalised MONK PARAKEETS


Many, many thanks for providing these very interesting links and I am pleased to say the RSPB stand by their comments published in the article (that is, they do NOT sanction any KILLING of these birds or CONTROL). Defra however have other ideals and I would like to know IMMEDIATELY when anyone either sees, hears of or sees published ANY eradication of this species in Britain.

T-Mobile have repeatedly applied for permission to kill 8 Monk Parakeets which are breeding on a phone aerial at a school site I monitor but with the help of the head teacher chair and local people within the council, a license has been refused. By way of mediation, permission was granted to take the nesting chamber down and although this has now been done twice, the Monks return and rebuild the colonial nest.

Defra also exaggerate the population - it is an absolute maximum of 77 birds, with 51 of these in Borehamwood - all emanating from Russell's aviary and in fact still nesting within five colonies in his and neighbouring gardens (which Defra cannot enter without permission). They are actively attempting to capture the population but I do not know what they propose to do with any individuals they catch (none caught as far as I know thus far)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Defra now targeting MONK PARAKEET population

I have recently been informed that Defra have obtained permits allowing them to eradicate free-flying Monk Parakeets in Britain (of which I have 77 individuals on file). I have no idea on what pretense they have gained this permission, or why on earth any conservation body would have sanctioned such actions, but as we have the largest population of birds in our area, I am looking for information regarding to any slayings of this species.

Monk Parakeet, unlike Ring-necked Parakeet, does not pose a threat to any of our indigenous breeding species. This highly gregarious species builds its own nest colony, the various chambers housing up to 14 individuals. It does not compete with any of our woodpeckers, Tawny Owl nor Stock Dove for nesting sites and although noisy and perhaps annoying for local residents, does not compete with other species for food other than at urbanised bird tables

A clear example of Defra yet again attacking an easy target - non-naturalised I know but largely innocent and well established across many parts of Europe, especially in Spain

Lee G R Evans

More attrocities committed in Malta - WHITE STORKS mercilessly slaughtered