Friday 18 November 2016

15 new members of a most exclusive club

Following an exceptional autumn that has seen the likes of 13 Siberian Accentors, 5 White's Thrushes, 4 Black-throated Thrushes, a Siberian Thrush, an Eyebrowed Thrush, 5 Asiatic Brown Shrikes, a Black-faced Bunting, Eastern Kingbird, 2 North American Cliff Swallows, 7 Pine Buntings, Eastern Crowned Warbler, 5 Isabelline Wheatears, 5 Eastern Yellow Wagtails, perhaps 7 Stejneger's Stonechats and a Killdeer this past week, an unprecedented number of twitchers have now crossed through that magical 500 barrier, resulting in 325 in total. Steve Gantlett, on the other hand, becomes the first to reach 600 (with Siberian Accentor) and is now three clear of his nearest rival Chris Heard on 602