Friday 4 September 2015

Gloucestershire BADGERS need your help

Please come out and join us
It was made very clear last night that the cull has started in Gloucestershire with badgers being trapped and then shot and others being shot as they walked the fields.  Our wounded badger patrols and sett monitors were out alongside people from many other groups all trying to help our badgers. One badger was rescued by another group and released back to its sett.
Most of the activity seemed to be centred in the west of the cull zone. Our Newent patrols cover that area.
We now need as many supporters as possible to come out and do whatever you can.
ü      Join one of our nightly patrols
ü      Stay relatively near to a specific sett for a few hours
ü      Walk during the daytime to check the area around known setts
ü      Stay in a car at a specific point got several hours
ü      Sending us a donation via Facebook
All the details about our patrols and other activities are set out on the link below:
Please join us if you can.
Mutilated badger found in cull zone
Two badgers were found at the weekend before the cull started. Scott and his animal rescue ambulance took one to the Vale Animal Centre but it died later. The other  had been mutilated having had its ears cut off. This disgrace has had some press coverage .
Costs of culling exposed.
DEFRA has now confirmed new costings for the badger cull so far. They come to nearly £7,000 per badger killed.