Friday 13 March 2009


Female SNOWY OWL at Kame of Corrigal HY330208 approx - First seen at about 12 noon by Sue Whitworth (RSPB Field Teacher). Sue phoned the office at about 4pm to ask about this strange owl they had seen on a field trip up at the Kame of Corrigal track...

After this phone call I sent a text to the grapevine and some contacts on my phone and deserted the office in a rush to look for what we were sure was gonna be a Snowy Owl!!!

Although, many hours had passed we found the bird (white dot) on the hill from the Wilderness Track roadside. Drove up the track to view the bird from a safe distance (parked at the new turbine site) - The bird remained in the same place all the time of our observations and a few folk arrived who had got my texts. A stunning female SNOWY OWL - Looked very settled when I left at 1720hrs...Fingers crossed it will hang around - Perhaps been there since its Shapinsay adventure...Cheers Alan Leitch