Monday 22 December 2008


Greenland Redpoll, Bryher, Isles of Scilly, October 2006 (Jim Lawrence)
This is a fairly typical example of a GREENLAND REDPOLL (rostrata). It is a large redpoll, with longer wings and much more heavy and extensive streaking than the 'Arctic' redpolls. In some ways its plumage closely resembles that of cabaret but this bleaches to more grey and white in spring. The bill is heavy, and the culmen is often slightly convex. There is cloaked feathering on the nape and tarsi and broad white in the greater covert bar (often suffused with buff).
ICELANDIC REDPOLLS are very slightly smaller with a finer and shorter bill. However, the plumage is highly variable, from rather heavily streaked and dark individuals to much paler (greyer) and less streaked individuals and can often resemble Arctic-type redpolls. They often have very whitish rumps (lightly streaked) and gleaming white undertail-coverts.