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Wednesday, 1 October 2008


The long-staying female remained on North Uist (Outer Hebrides) until at least 22nd September.

In North Norfolk, a wide-ranging individual was seen over the disused railway line at Gimingham from 0840-0850 hours and 0935 on 8th and then over Mundesley Holiday Camp (with a single Common Swift) from 1017-1130 later in the morning. It then relocated to Holme NOA, where it was present from mid-afternoon until late evening on 9th.

One was present at the north end of Tresco (Scilly) on 10th, feeding between Kettle Point and Piper’s Hole, following a bird on front lawns in Whiteness Green, Kingsgate (Kent) on 8th. Another visited a garden in North Wootton, SSE of Wells (Somerset) on 10th, with another at Lade GP, Greatstone (Kent) on 11th-12th. A further individual visited Wagonway Flash, Earsdon (Northumberland) briefly on 13th, with what may have been the same bird at Whitburn Coastal Park (13th) and Seaton Pond (Durham) on 14th.

A much more obliging individual fed on the strandline and in horse paddocks near the Steam Boat Inn (NX 994 595) from 14th-23rd and was superbly photographed

A greater than normal September influx with at least 212 birds recorded.

At the beginning of September, Wrynecks were present at Church Farm, Brackenfield (Derbyshire) from 1st-3rd, between New Grimsby and the Heliport, Tresco (Scilly) on 1st, Newton Lodge, Burravoe, Yell (Shetland) on 1st, on Thorney Island (West Sussex) on 1st -5th and on Bardsey Island (Gwynedd) on 1st.

Next day (2nd), one was near Cleat, Burwick, South Ronaldsay (Orkney), with further singles at Seacombe Cliff (Dorset) and at least one remaining at Holland Haven Country Park (Essex) (to 4th), whilst on 3rd, Wrynecks were noted at Hetton Bogs LNR, Houghton-le-Spring (Durham) and at Quendale (Shetland).

One remained at Dawlish Warren Point Dunes (South Devon) from 3rd-8th, with another near Land’s End (Cornwall) from 3rd-9th, in a private garden at Trowell (Notts) on 3rd, on cliffs below Miramar Guest House at Bishopstone Glen (Kent) on 4th-8th (2 birds), by Cuckmere Haven Coastguard Cottages (East Sussex) on 5th-8th, at Seafield, Lerwick (Shetland) on 5th, on Skomer Island (Pembs) on 5th-10th, at Lock’s Common, Porthcawl (Glamorgan) on 5th-7th, at Hope’s Nose, Torquay (South Devon) on 6-7th, Brotton Golf Course (Cleveland) on 6th (2 birds), in Old Town, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 6th, Holy Island excavations (Northumberland) on 6th, Marsden Avenue, Marsden (Durham) on 6th, Hartlepool Headland (Cleveland) on 6th, Seaton Carew (Cleveland) on 6th-8th, Briar Patch Lane, Letchworth (Herts) on 7th, Blyth Cemetery (Northumberland) on 7th, Saltburn (Cleveland) on 7th, Tynemouth (Northumberland) on 7th-11th (two), Gypsies Green, South Shields (Durham) on 7th (two), East Chevington NWT (Northumberland) on 7th, Whitestone Point, Saltwick Nab (North Yorks) on 7th, in Crook Ness Gully, Burniston (North Yorks) on 7th, on The Mound at The Leas, South Shields, on 7th, at Mayon Cliff, Sennen (Cornwall) on 7th, on the Vicarage Lawn at Cullercoats (Northumberland) on 7th, at Cabin Rocks, South Gare (Cleveland) on 7th, near the Water Treatment Plant at North Gare (Cleveland) on 7th (two), trapped and ringed at Beddington Sewage Farm (Surrey) on 7th, at Fairlop Waters (London) on 7th, at Druridge Bay CP (Northumberland) on 7th, along Barnaby Lane, St Agnes (Scilly) on 7th, in Trow Quarry, South Shields (Durham) on 7th (two) and at Low Newton-by-the-Sea (Northumberland) on 7th.

Stuart Winter located his second Wryneck in recent years at his home patch of Sharpenhoe Clappers (Beds) on 8th, with a new bird in on North Ronaldsay (Orkney) on 8th-10th and further singles at Abbot’s Cliff, Folkestone (Kent) on 8th, trapped and ringed at Hartlepool Headland on 8th, Newbiggin (Northumberland) on 8th, Whttley Bay Cemetery (Northumberland) on 8th, Whitburn Coastal Park Rifle Range (Durham) on 8th, Hayes Lake farm CP (London) on 8th, Southfield Farm, Kilnsea (East Yorks) on 8th, Pant Norton, Ogmore-by_sea (Glamorgan) on 8th-16th, Wivenhoe (Essex) on 8th-9th, at least three birds on Holy Island on 8th, Northney Paddocks (Hants) on 8th, Start Point (South Devon) on 8th, Tayport (Fife) on 8th, St Abb’s Head (Borders) on 8th, Dursley (Gloucs) on 8th, North Foreland (Kent) on 8th-11th (with up to 4 birds in area), Gorleston-on-Sea (Norfolk) on 9th, Kenfig West Pool (East Glamorgan) on 9th, Trevean Pool, Porthgwarra (Cornwall) on 9th-11th, Minnis Bay (North Kent) on 9th, Baltasound, Unst (Shetland) on 9th, Minehead Golf Course (Somerset) on 10th-11th, two at Craster (Northumberland) on 10th, Cosmeston Lakes CP (Glamorgan) on 10th-15th, Sidlesham Ferry Long Pool (West Sussex) on 10th, Giant’s Castle, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 10th-17th, in the Doctor’s Garden at Porthgwarra (Cornwall) on 10th, Brownsea Island (Dorset) on 10th, Ramsley Reservoir (Derbyshire) on 10th, Berry Head Quarry (South Devon) on 11th and at Torness Power Station (Lothian) on 11th-16th (two).

New arrivals on 11th included singles in Frinton-on-Sea (Essex), Cambois (Northumberland), on the Garrison, St Mary’s (Scilly) (to 16th) and at Norland Moor, Halifax (North Yorks). Further singles were at Bolt Head (Devon) on 12th, Charlton Field (Somerset) on 12th, Kingbarrow Quarry, Portland (Dorset) on 12th, Tottenham Marsh (London) on 12th, Channel View Farm, Kingston Seymour (Somerset) on 12th-17th (two), Theddlethorpe St Helen (Lincs) on 13th, on the North Wall at Pagham Harbour (West Sussex) on 13th-16th, Borough Farm, Tresco (Scilly), on 13th, Sheepcote Valley (East Sussex) on 13th-14th, , Perks Lane, Prestwood (Bucks) on 13th-17th, 3 in the Thorntonloch area (Lothian) on 13th-16th, at least 6 at Flamborough Head Bay Brambles (East Yorks) on 13th-15th, Atherington (West Sussex) on 13th, Quendale Mill (Shetland) on 13th, Winterton South Dunes (Norfolk) on 13th-16th, two in Sutton Park NNR (West Midlands) on 12th, Loch of Tingwall (Shetland) on 13th, Cove Bay Community Woodland, Aberdeen, on 13th, Church Cove, Lizard (Cornwall) on 13th-17th, Lundy Island (Devon) on 13th-15th, 3 in the Sumburgh Head/Scatness area (Shetland) on 13th-14th, Burton Bradstock (Dorset) on 13th, Snook Plantation, Holy Island, on 14th, two at The Severalls, Church Norton, Pagham Harbour (West Sussex) on 14th-19th, trapped and ringed at Druridge Pools on 14th, by Craighead Farm, Fife Ness (Fife) on 14th, Tentsmuir (Fife) on 14th, Durlston CP (Dorset) on 14th, Wells East Hills (Norfolk) on 14th, Cruden Bay (Aberdeenshire) on 14th, Marshside RSPB (Lancs) on 14th, Minsmere Sluice Bushes (Suffolk) on 14th, Studland Heath NNR (Dorset) on 14th, Filey Tip (North Yorks) on 14th, Blakeney Point (Norfolk) on 14th, Lawshall (Suffolk) on 14th, Toab (Shetland) on 14th, Shingle Street (Suffolk) on 14th and at Gott, Trondra, Geosetter Burn and on Bressay (all Shetland) on 14th.

Up to 5 different individuals appeared on the Spurn Peninsula (East Yorks) from 15th-20th, with 2+ at Portland Bill (Dorset) on 15th-17th, up to 3 on Skomer (Pembs) and further singles at Cogden Beach (Dorset) on 15th, Dungeness Trapping Area (Kent) on 15th-17th, Stow-on-the-Wold (Gloucs) on 14th, Netherstowe (Orkney) on 15th, Lowestoft North Denes (Suffolk) on 15th, Pinner Park Farm (London) on 15th-17th, Waxham Dunes (Norfolk) on 15th, Gunner’s Park (Essex) on 15th, Blakeney Point on 16th, by the River Foulness in Water End (East Yorks) on 14th-15th, Holme NOA (Norfolk) on 16th, Roskestal Farm, Porthgwarra, on 16th-19th, Sea View Farm, Rimac (Lincs) on 16th, Barns Ness (Lothian) on 16th-23rd, two at Sand Point (Somerset) on 16th, Chandler’s Ford (Hants) on 16th, Corton (Suffolk) on 16th, Seaforth LWT (Lancs) on 17th, Rainham Marshes RSPB (London) from 17th-25th, Seaton Delaval (Northumberland) on 17th, Mwnt (Ceredigion) on 17th, Land’s End (Cornwall) on 17th-21st, Foreness Point (Kent) on 17th-19th, Annet (Scilly) on 17th, Barden Scale (North Yorks) on 18th, Seven Sisters CP (East Sussex) on 18th, Kenidjack Valley (Cornwall) on 18th, St Martin’s (Scilly) on 18th, Stanpit Marsh (Dorset) on 18th, Polgigga (Cornwall) on 18th, Greenwich (London) on 18th, Sandwich Bay (Kent) on 18th, Langstone Harbour (Hants) on 18th, 3 at Portland (Dorset) on 19th, Winterton North Dunes (Norfolk) on 19th, Skomer West Field on 19th, Tiverton (Devon) on 19th, Clevedon (Somerset) on 19th- 20th, Bant’s Carn, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 20th-22nd, Nanquidno (Cornwall) on 20th, Uskmouth NR (Gwent) on 20th, Dungeness RSPB (Kent) on 20th, Birling Gap (East Sussex) on 20th, Spurn Point Parade Ground (East Yorks) from 18th-21st, Blue Anchor Bay (Somerset) on 21st, Landguard NR (Suffolk) on 21st, Wavering Down (Somerset) on 21st, Hillfield Park, Monkspath (West Mids) on 22nd, Felixstowe Ferry (Suffolk) on 22nd and at Sennen Cove (Cornwall) on 22nd.

On the Isles of Scilly, 1-2 birds remained on Wingletang Down, St Agnes, from 10th-24th September, with another on Shipman Head Down, Bryher, on 20th and on St Martin’s cricket pitch on 22nd. Elsewhere, one remained at Skaw, Whalsay (Shetland), from 14th-20th.

The bird first seen at Spurn Point (East Yorks) on 13th July remained at Chalk Bank until at least 25th September.

One circled Beeding Hill (West Sussex) a couple of times before heading off east towards Truleigh Hill Youth Hostel on 21st September (Pete Clement).

Three records: one over Cooper’s Beach towards West Mersea (Essex) with Barn Swallows on 7th; one over the east side of Watch Hill, Bryher (Scilly), at 1420 hours on 13th and over Holme Dunes (Norfolk) at 1355 on 17th, which flew off east with Barn Swallows.

A very confiding bird remained along the West Cliffs path at Portland Bill (Dorset), favouring fields and paddocks at the north end of Barleycrates Lane, Weston, from 1st-5th, with further singles (mostly brief fly-overs) at Durlston CP (Dorset) on 7th, between Reap Lane barns and Southwell Business Park, Portland (Dorset), on 10th, over Weston corner, Portland, on 13th, west over West Bay, Bridport (Dorset), at 0830 on 13th, in the bulb field by the track between Higher Bosistow Farm and Lower Farm, Polgigga (Cornwall), on 15th, on Lundy Island (Dorset) on 15th, by Little Cliffsend Farm, Pegwell Bay (Kent), briefly on 17th, in the second stubble field east of Cot Mill, Cot Valley (Cornwall), on 19th, by Restharrow Scrape, Sandwich Bay (Kent), on 22nd, and between the lighthouse and Port Paull, Paull Holme Strays (East Yorks), on 23rd.

The first of the autumn was an early individual at Cambois (Northumberland) on 7th September. This was followed by further early individuals at Holland Haven (Essex) on 17th and on St Mary’s Airfield (Scilly) on 21st.

More typical were birds at Kelling Quags (Norfolk) on 25th, West Kirby (Cheshire) on 24th, Longstones, St Mary’s (Scilly), on 26th, Gibraltar Point NNR (Lincs) on 26th, Burnham Overy Dunes (Norfolk) on 26th-27th, Hengistbury Head (Dorset) on 29th and at Higher Bosistow Farm, Nanjizal (Cornwall) on 29th.

One was present on St Kilda (Outer Hebrides) from 19th-22nd September, at the same time, three birds arrived on Iceland.

An early individual arrived at Spurn Point (East Yorks) on 24th September.

One was present in the grounds of Prior’s Park, Tynemouth (Northumberland), on 6th, with further singles (mainly brief flyovers) at Minsmere RSPB (Suffolk) on 10th, Old Fall Hedgerow, Flamborough Head (East Yorks) on 15th, over Bardsey Island (Gwynedd) on 18th, on Foula (Shetland) on 19th, at Rame Head (Cornwall) on 26th, west over Burnham Overy Dunes (Norfolk) on 26th and east with Meadow Pipits over Barton-on-Sea (Hants) on 29th.

Another excellent month for this increasingly regular visitor from Poland and Russia, with a new first-winter on Fair Isle (Shetland) on 1st-2nd (at Da Water) (following a first-winter there from 16th-23rd August and another on 23rd August) and another there (at The Havens) on 4th-8th. A very confiding first-winter remained in Porthellick Bay, St Mary’s (Scilly), from 2nd-6th, with further singles at Kirk Loch, Vidlin (Shetland) on 3rd, on St Kilda (Outer Hebrides) on 7th, at Garth’s Voe, Sullom (Shetland), on 8th, at Wester Quarff (Shetland) on 12th and at Rattray Head (Aberdeenshire) on 14th. A further first-winter showed well on Porthloo Beach, St Mary’s (Scilly), from 16th-18th September, with another at Aird an Runair, North Uist (Outer Hebrides), on 30th.

Two flew over Boldon (Durham) on 30th.

A very flighty individual was at The Haa, Fair Isle (Shetland), on 13th, being seen again around Skerryholm on 15th, with another trapped and ringed at Holme NOA Bird Observatory (Norfolk) on 14th (retrapped on 16th and present extremely elusively around the Observatory until 17th).

On Shetland, further ‘Sprossers’ were encountered on Fetlar on 15th (at Still Croft) (see Brydon Thomason’s photographs at ) and at Virkie Willows on 22nd (just north of Pool of Virkie, 100 yards east of the Willows, in the burn running north from the East Shore Road).

A fair scattering of records with most, as usual, in the Northern Isles or on the NE coast, with singles at Hawthorn Dene (Northumberland) on 6th, at Cambois (Northumberland) on 12th, at Symbister, Whalsay (Shetland), on 11th-13th, at Tresta (Shetland) on 13th, at Icklesham Reedbed (East Sussex) on 13th, a male at Setter, Fair Isle, from 15th-24th (with another at Quoy on 20th and up to 3 on 25th-26th), at Quarff (Shetland) on 16th, at Hengistbury Head (Dorset) on 16th, at Hestily, South Ronaldsay (Orkney) on 19th, on North Ronaldsay (Orkney) on 24th-26th, at Titchwell RSPB (Norfolk) briefly on 24th, trapped and ringed at Hartlepool Headland (Cleveland) on 25th, on Lundy Island (Devon) on 28th and at Shingle Street (Suffolk) on 29th.

Yet another phenomenal autumn for this eastern species in Scotland, with single first-winters at Kenaby Crop, Fair Isle, on 24th (see Mark Break’s image at the bottom of the page below) on Foula (Shetland) on the fence at Harrier on 25th and in Holland House garden, North Ronaldsay (Orkney) from 25th-26th (the first record for Orkney, photographed by Paul Brown below, when it was trapped and ringed)

Three were recorded, with single first-winters at West Runton (Norfolk) on 24th-25th, Stiffkey Gorse Clump (Norfolk) on 26th and at Da Water, Fair Isle, on 26th.

On Shetland, singles were at Culivoe (Yell) on 1st, Noss on 1st-2nd, Wester Quarff, Sandgarth (Voe) and at Norwick (Unst) on 2nd-14th, at Baltasound (Unst) on 3rd-5th, at Northdale (Unst) on 4th, Toab & Scatness on 5th, Burravoe (Yell) on 7th-8th, with 2 at Otterswick, Yell, on 5th-7th. Further arrivals included singles at Sandwick and Channerwick on 9th, Whalsay on 10th-14th, Quarff on 10th-13th, Toab on 10th, Sumburgh Head on 12th, at Hoswick on 12th, Scatness on 13th-14th (2), Sandwick on 14th-17th (2), Hoswick on 17th, Otterswick (Yell) on 19th, Exnaboe on 19th-21st, Baltasound on 21st, on Foula on 21st-25th, Virkie Willows on 21st-22nd, Vidlin on 21st, Ollaberry on 21st, Scousburgh on 22nd, Twatt on 24th-26th, Unst on 25th, Kergord Plantation on 28th-29th and in Quendale Dunes on 29th. (up to 34 individuals).

On Fair Isle, two were present on 1st, increasing to 6 on 2nd (with 5 remaining until 4th, 3 to 5th & 2 to 7th), with another at Stackhoull on 8th-9th, The Haa on 10th-18th, and 2 on 12th-19th (10 birds).

On North Ronaldsay (Orkney), birds were noted on 3rd-8th & 14th-17th, whilst elsewhere in Scotland, a juvenile was in gardens at Port Nis, Lewis (Outer Hebrides) on 5th, Fife Ness Muir (Fife) on 8th-17th (with 2 on 14th), Barns Ness (Lothian) on 8th-13th, Castlebay, Barra (Outer Hebrides) on 8th, Stronsay (Orkney) on 10th, Crafty, Finstown (Orkney) on 10th, Foveran Bushes (Aberdeenshire) on 13th, Newtonhill (Aberdeenshire) on 14th and at Skateraw (Lothian) on 14th-15th.

Further south, Barred Warblers appeared at Dawdon Blast Beach (Durham) on 6th-7th, Tynemouth (Northumberland) on 6th, Snab Point, Walney Island (Cumbria) on 6th-7th, Marsden Quarry (Durham) on 7th, Blyth South Beach Cemetery (Northumberland) on 7th, Beacon Hill, Port Mulgrave (North Yorks) on 7th, South Stack RSPB (Anglesey) on 8th, East Chevington NWT (Northumberland) on 8th, Whitley Bay Cemetery (Northumberland) on 8th, Briar Dene (Northumberland) on 8th, Toby’s Hill NR, Saltfleetby (North Lincs) on 8th, Spurn Point (East Yorks) (Wire Dump) on 10th-13th Flamborough Head (East Yorks) on 10th, Blakeney Point (Norfolk) on 13th-16th (Lupin Beds), 15th (The Hood), Filey NCCP (North Yorks) on 13th, Low Newton-by-the-Sea (Northumberland) on 14th, Winterton North Dunes (Norfolk) on 15th, Long Nab, Burniston (North Yorks) on 15th-16th, Great Yarmouth South Denes (Norfolk) on 15th, Warham Greens (Norfolk) on 15th, on Bardsey Island (Gwynedd) on 18th, Spurn Point (Chalk Bank) on 20th-21st, Breakwater CP (Anglesey) on 23rd, Horse Shoe Point (North Lincs) on 25th, Walsey Hills NOA (Norfolk) on 26th-27th, Gibraltar Point NNr (Lincs) on 26th and at Bempton Cliffs (East Yorks) on 28th.

Along the South Coast, birds reached Nanjizal (Cornwall) on 7th, Hengistbury Head (Dorset) on 15th, Brean Down (Somerset) on 16th, Lower Moors, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 16th, Foreness Point (Kent) on 18th, Watermill Cove, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 23rd and Bockhill Farm, St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe (Kent) on 26th-28th.

The first-winter female remained in the SE corner of Trow Quarry, South Shields (Durham), from 7th-14th September.

At least five were reported in September 2008, with single juveniles at Rainham Marsh RSPB (London) from 3rd-8th, in juncus on the bank of the River Axe at Weston Sewage Works (Somerset) on 6th, trapped and ringed at Steart (Somerset) on 19th and at Slapton Ley (South Devon) on 20th and showing well at the edge of the reeds at Slapton Higher Ley on 28th-29th.

Geoff Burton was covering his local patch at Swalecliffe (North Kent) on 13th September when he stumbled upon a Fan-tailed Warbler at 0930 hours. The bird showed briefly in rough grass at the top of the beach, 220 yards north of the church, at approximately TR 135 676 before disappearing into the clifftop scrub. It reappeared shortly later and then showed intermittently (perhaps once or twice an hour) for the rest of the morning. By early afternoon, some 48 birders had connected (mostly Kent birders) but at 1236 hours, it suddenly took flight and flew strongly west high towards Tankerton. It was not relocated.

There have been just five previous records of this species in Britain, with the last also seen briefly in Kent – at Bockhill Farm, St Margaret’s, on 25th August 2006.

Earlier records involved one which moved from Cley Marshes NWT (Norfolk) on 24th August 1976 to Holme from 29th August to 5th September 1976 and a displaying male at Lodmoor (Dorset) from 24th-28th June 1977. More recently, one was at Portland Bill (Dorset) from 15th-16th May 2000, with a tail-less individual at Hengistbury Head (Dorset) from 20th-30th May 2000.

On Shetland Mainland on 12th September, an exceptionally confiding first-winter showed well throughout the day at Sumburgh Head (see Jim Nicolson’s magnificent images opposite), whilst a further three were recorded on Fair Isle: in Horsti Brekkas briefly early evening on 13th but relocated and performing well for all admirers next day, then relocated near Pund on 18th, where it was last seen on 19th and two on 23rd, with a showy first-winter at Bull’s Park and a more elusive individual in Gilsetter.

The first for Yorkshire was discovered at the top end of Beacon Lane, Kilnsea (East Yorks) late afternoon on 14th September. A net was hastily erected and the bird quickly caught – the identification being rapidly confirmed by its striking white tail tips. The bird was ringed, shown to an ecstatic crowd and then duly released at the end of the Canal Zone, where it showed briefly in the field in the evening.

On the late afternoon of 23rd September, a Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler was discovered in Busta Geo on Fair Isle. Although it would occasionally disappear into a cave at the base of the cliff, it did show well for a gathered evening crowd.

On 29th September, one was discovered in weeds at Walderslade Gully, Sandwich Bay (North Kent),.

One remained on North Ronaldsay (Orkney) from 1st-3rd, whilst another was at Norwick (Unst) on 4th-5th. One was trapped and ringed at Brew Pool, Sennen (Cornwall), on 7th and released in bushes NE of the new sewage works, with further singles on St Kilda (Outer Hebrides) on 13th, in bracken south of Land’s End car park (Cornwall) from 15th-28th, at Gordons Mill, Udale Bay (Highland) on 27th, on Lundy Island (Devon) on 27th and on Foula (Shetland) from 27th-30th.

In Shetland, a first-winter was trapped and ringed in the Rose Hedge adjacent to Sumburgh Head Lighthouse mid-afternoon on 24th (see Hugh Harrop’s superb in-hand photographs at whilst at the same time, a further first-winter was discovered in the burn by Quendale Mill. A third individual was discovered at Ham on Foula (Shetland) on 25th,remaining present until at least 29th.

Far more accessible was a first-winter in North Norfolk, showing well at frequent intervals as it fed on Blackberries in scrub by the disused buildings north of the A149, just east of West Runton, from 25th-27th (John Firs, Dave Holman, Baz Harding et al).

Blyth’s Reed Warbler is no more the mega-rarity it once was – it is now an annual vagrant with 4-6 records per annum.

A trio of fairly typical Shetland occurrencies: a showy individual at Burrafirth, Unst, from 9th-11th (see Mike Pennington’s images opposite) an elusive and rather grass-skulking bird at Setter, Fair Isle, on 13th and a much more confiding bird at Virkie Burn from 20th-21st (again see Hugh Harrop’s outstanding images).

At the start of the month, one was in bushes at Warden Point, Sheppey (Kent) on 1st-2nd and another at Sumburgh Farm (Shetland) on 1st. Further records followed with 2 at South Gare (Cleveland) on 6th, and further singles at Thorpeness Caravan Park (Suffolk) on 6th, in Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery (Cleveland) on 6th, at Tynemouth Pier (Northumberland) on 6th-7th (with 2 present on 7th), in Seaburn (Durham) on 6th, Kettleness Point (North Yorks) on 6th, Druridge Bay CP (Northumberland) on 6th, Briar Dene (Northumberland) on 7th, Jackie’s Beach, Whitburn (Durham) on 7th-8th, Spurn Point (East Yorks) on 7th, Hartlepool Headland Olive Street (Cleveland) on 7th-8th (2), Flamborough Head (East Yorks) on 7th (singles in Old Fall Hedge, by road and in Bay Brambles, the former remaining until 8th), Whitestone Point, Saltwick Nab (North Yorks) on 7th, Boulby Cliffs (Cleveland) on 7th, Hawthorn Dene (Durham) on 7th, Winterton-on-Sea (Norfolk) on 7th, Hauxley NR (Northumberland) on 7th, Torness Power Station (Lothian) on 7th, Holy Island (Northumberland) on 7th, Skateraw (Lothian) on 8th-14th, Cresswell village (Northumberland) on 12th, Culverwell, Portland (Dorset) on 12th, Samson Hill, Bryher (Scilly) on 13th, North Ronaldsay (Orkney) on 13th-15th , Mire Loch, St Abb’s Head (Borders) on 13th, Arbroath (Angus) on 14th-16th, Locke Park, Redcar (Cleveland), on 13th-14th, Castlesea Bay, Auchmithie (Angus), on 14th, West Seaton Farm, Arbroath (Angus) on 14th, Lundy Island (Devon) on 15th-19th, Titchwell RSPB (Norfolk) on 17th, North Foreland (Kent) on 17th and at Gibraltar Point (Lincs) on 26th & 29th.

An interesting selection of records, including singles in Shetland and Norfolk, where Melodious Warbler is an extreme vagrant.

A long-staying bird present in 60 Foot Cover at Porthgwarra (Cornwall) (since 31st August) remained until at least 21st, whilst the second for Shetland this autumn appeared at Wester Quarff on 1st,

A very showy individual appeared at Portland Bill (Dorset) on 10th, where it performed in Culverwell Bushes until 22nd, whilst further individuals appeared on Bryher (Scilly) on 11th, Lizard Point (Cornwall) on 13th, Porth Minnick, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 14th, Lizard Village (Cornwall) on 15th, Nanjizal (Cornwall) on 15th & 22nd, Bardsey Island (Gwynedd) on 15th-19th , trapped and ringed at Sandwich Bay (Kent) on 16th (and seen again on 19th), on Caldey Island (Pembs) on 16th, Porthcurno (Cornwall) on 16th, Holy Vale, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 18th-22nd , Kenidjack Valley (Cornwall) on 19th, Skomer Island (Pembs) on 21st, and on Blakeney Point (Norfolk) on 24th.

One remained at Harrier (on Foula) (Shetland) from 23rd-26th September.

An exceptionally confiding individual graced Sumburgh Farm (Shetland) throughout the day on 25th September. Jim Nicolson obtained these staggering images below.

Four recorded including singles in gorse between Big Pool and Little Pool on St Agnes (Scilly) on 17th, in Margate Cemetery (Kent) briefly early morning on 26th, at Spurn Point (East Yorks) on 27th and at Pondsbury, Lundy Island (Devon) on 28th.

An excellent showing with singles in Millcombe Valley, Lundy (Devon) on 14th, on Fair Isle on 17th, near Newford Duck Pond, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 18th, at Nanjizal (Cornwall) on 18th and in the small woodland strip on the Lunna Peninsula (Shetland) on 27th.

A fairly early individual frequented gardens and paddocks at Bockhill Farm, St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe (Kent) from 26th-27th September.

An excellent crop of records, fuelled by the strong easterly winds. The first to be found was on 24th September – an elusive bird at the west end of the Drinking Pool at Wells Woods (Norfolk). This bird remained until next day and was then followed by two more in the same belt of coastal woodland – in a ‘hollow’ of bramble and Elder scrub just west of the extreme west end of Holkham Pines (25th-26th) and 250 yards to the east in dense scrub and thickets south of the main track (25th-28th).

A first-winter was trapped and ringed at Shingle Street (Suffolk) on 26th and continued to show extremely well in the allotment area and overgrown nettle-clad ditch adjacent to the southernmost car park until 29th,

Another showed intermittently all afternoon at South Landing, Flamborough Head (East Yorks) on 26th, with a further bird at Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory (Kent) on 26th and another at Kingsgate (Kent) on 26th.

Most exceptional was the first mainland Welsh record – a bird that showed well in Hawthorns at the rear of the cemetery at Great Orme (Conwy) on 28th.

A marked influx, with singles at East Chevington NWT (Northumberland) on 7th, Hartlepool West View Cemetery (Cleveland) on 7th-8th, Newbiggin Mound (Northumberland) on 7th, Druridge Pools (Northumberland) on 7th, Whitburn Cornthwaite Park (Durham) on 7th-8th, Bamburgh Castle (Northumberland) on 7th, Low Newton-by-the-Sea (Northumberland) from 8th-17th (male, heard singing), Pendeen Calartha Farm (Cornwall) on 16th-17th, South Gare (Cleveland) on 26th and at Sea Palling (Norfolk) on 27th-28th.

Ten records in total, following the 6 in August.

One frequented Sycamores at the east end of Meadow Vale in Exnaboe (Shetland) from 14th-19th, with further singles on Fair Isle on 25th and on Out Skerries (at Housay) on 26th-27th.

Shetland: The first of the autumn appeared on 15th – at Wester Quarff – followed by singles at Trondra and Hoswick on 17th, 2 at Quarff on 17th, one at Baltasound (Unst) on 18th, singles at Hoswick, Busta House (Brae) and Otterswick (Yell) on 19th, Cullivoe (Yell) and Quendale on 20th and a large influx from 21st – singles at Vidlin, Scatness, Hoswick, Catfirth, Seafield (Lerwick), Quarff, with 2 at Fladdabister and on Fetlar, 4 on Whalsay and 10 on Out Skerries.

On 22nd, noted at Cunningsburgh, Virkie Willows, Quarff, Busta House (Brae) (2) and Northdale (Unst), with new arrivals on Foula, Quendale, Grutness, Levenwick on 23rd and at Wester Quarff on 24th. 4-6 remained on Out Skerries, with singles at Cunningsburgh and Scatness, whilst at least 10 were now on Unst. Two were on Foula on 25th, whilst more appeared on 26th – 3 on Fetlar, 3 at Quendale and 1 at Hoswick – and on 27th – Lunna, Kergord Plantation, Eswick (2), Vidlin (2), Hoswick (2) and at Baltasound (2).

Towards the end of the month, singles were noted at Hoswick, Lerwick (at 97 North Road), Laxo and Lower Voe (3), with 2 at Kergord.

The first to make landfall on Fair Isle this autumn was on 14th September, with 2 on 17th-18th, 1 at Utra on 19th, 2 on 23rd and a record-breaking 45 on 24th (including a flock of 10 on top of Ward Hill smashing the previous day record of 16 on 4th October 1988). There were at least 32 remaining on 25th, with 29 on 26th and just 7 on 27th.

It was a similar story on Orkney, where North Ronaldsay attracted 27+ during 24th-27th and 2-12 on Stronsay from 17th-27th and 2 at Hestily, South Ronaldsay, on 24th, whilst elsewhere in Scotland, Yellow-browed Warblers were noted at Barns Ness (Lothian) on 13th (first of the autumn), Castlesea Bay, Auchmithie (Angus) on 14th, St Abb’s Head (Borders) on 14th, Arbroath Golf Course (Angus) on 14th, Barns Ness on 15th, Collieston (Aberdeenshire) on 24th (2), Longhaven Quarry (Aberdeenshire) on 24th, Isle of May (Fife) on 25th, Tarbat Ness (Highland) on 25th, Balnakeil (Highland) on 25th, Crooked Road garden, Easter Earshaig (Dumfries & Galloway) on 26th, Pittenweem (Fife) on 27th, and at Skateraw (Lothian) on 28th.

In Northumberland and County Durham, one was at Woodhorn on 17th, followed by singles at Cresswell Pond on 18th-20th, Newbiggin Churchyard on 24th, Woodhorn Churchyard on 24th, Holy Island on 24th-25th, Cambois on 25th, 4+ in the Whitburn area from 24th-27th, Seaham on 26th, Low Newton on 26th, Tynemouth Sea Life Centre on 26th, Ryhope Dene on 26th, Castle Eden Dene on 28th, and at Sunderland Roker Park on 28th,

On the Spurn Peninsula (East Yorks), the first to appear was on 14th, 17th & 20th , with further arrivals at Castle Hill, Scarborough (North Yorks) on 15th, Bempton Cliffs (East Yorks) on 15th, Filey Parish Wood (North Yorks) on 16th-21sth, Flamborough Head (East Yorks) on 16th and Donna Nook (Lincs) on 22nd. Numbers started to increase at Spurn from 22nd, peaking at 6+ through 24th-27th, with 1-3 at Hartlepool Headland (Cleveland) on 24th-27th, and further birds at Aldbrough Fish Ponds (East Yorks) on 24th, South Gare (Cleveland) on 25th, 8+ at Flamborough Head (East Yorks) from 25th-29th, 5+ at Filey NCCP (North Yorks) on 25th-27th,Long Nab, Burniston (North Yorks) on 25th, Whitgift (East Yorks) on 26th, Salrfleetby (Lincs) on 26th, 1-3 at Buckton (East Yorks) on 26th-28th, 3 in Bridlington (East Yorks) on 27th-29th, Greenabella Marsh (Cleveland) on 28th, Clapham (North Yorks) on 29th, Anderby Creek (Lincs) on 28th, Robin Hood’s Bay (North Yorks) on 29th and Bewholme (South Yorks) on 30th.

In East Anglia, one reached Norfolk at Holme NWT on 14th, closely followed by 1-5 in Wells Woods from 15th-29th, Gramborough Hill on 15th, Burgh Castle (Norfolk) on 17th, Felixstowe Ferry (Suffolk) on 21st, Waxham (Norfolk) on 22nd & 24th, Titchwell RSPB (Norfolk) on 23rd,Woodbridge (Suffolk) on 23rd, Blakeney Point (Norfolk) on 23rd, Happisburgh (Norfolk) on 24th, Pallas’s Park, Dovercourt (Essex) on 24th-25th, Bawdsey (Suffolk) on 24th-28th, Cross St, Salthouse (Norfolk) on 24th, Great Yarmouth (Norfolk) on 24th, Eccles-on-Sea (Norfolk) on 24th, Cromer (Norfolk) on 24th, 1-4 at Holme NWT (Norfolk) on 24th-27th, Walsey Hills (Norfolk) on 24th-26th (2), Kessingland SW (Suffolk) on 24th, Corton (Suffolk) on 25th-28th (2), Cley-next-the-Sea (Norfolk) (Hilltop) on 26th, Warham Greens (Norfolk) on 26th, Stiffkey Campsite Wood (Norfolk) on 26th, Natural Surroundings NR (Norfolk) on 27th-29th (2), Cromer (Norfolk) on 28th and Holt (Norfolk) on 30th.

Most noteworthy were singles at Great Orme (Conwy) on 21st, Strumble Head (Pembs) on 22nd, Sandwell Valley RSPB (West Midlands) (trapped & ringed) on 23rd-24th, Reculver (Kent) on 24th-27th, Bishopstone Glen (Kent) on 24th, Rhosson Farm, St Justinian (Pembs) on 25th, Seaforth LWT (Lancs) on 25th-26th, Lakeside, Doncaster (South Yorks) on 25th, Whitesands Bay Hotel (Pembs) on 25th, Margate Cemetery (Kent) on 25th,Vale Square, Ramsgate (Kent) on 25th, Sandwich Bay (Kent) on 25th & 27th, Bockhill Farm, St Margaret’s (Kent) on 25th-28th, Red Rocks, Hilbre (Cheshire) on 26th-27th (2), Stocks Reservoir (Lancs) on 27th, in Skitter’s Wood, Ashton-in-Makerfield (Gtr Manchester) on 27th, Hardy Close, Willesborough (Ashford) (Kent) on 27th, Knowsley Park (Lancs) on 27th, Ambaston (Derbyshire) on 28th-29th, Skomer (Pembs) on 28th, Monkspath (West Midlands) on 28th, Burlington Tower Block, Sheffield (South Yorks) on 28th, Fairlop Waters (London) on 28th, Pegwell Bay (Kent) on 28th, Rhossili Bay, Gower (Glamorgan) on 28th and Sinah Holiday camp (Hants) on 30th.

One eventually made Scilly on 21st September (Tresco), with Land’s End (Cornwall) first scoring on 23rd, closely followed by singles at Helston Loe Pool (Cornwall) on 24th, Covean, St Agnes (Scilly) on 25th, Vine Farm, Bryher (Scilly) on 25th, West Bay, Bridport (Dorset) on 26th, Little Arfur Farm, St Martin’s (Scilly) on 26th, Carreg Dhu, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 26th, 1-2 in Nanquidno (Cornwall) on 26th-28th, Tresco Pool Road (Scilly) on 27th-30th, Troy Town farm, St Agnes (Scilly) on 27th, on The Garrison, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 28th-30th, Cot Valley (Cornwall) on 28th, Portland Bill (Dorset) on 28th, Rame Church (Cornwall) on 28th, East Prawle (Devon) on 28th, Porthcurno (Cornwall) on 28th, Polgigga (Cornwall) on 28th-30th, Plymouth Staddon Heights (Devon) on 28th, Hengistbury Head (Dorset) on 28th-30th, St Levan (Cornwall) on 29th (2), Holy Vale, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 29th-30th, Porthellick Down, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 29th, 2 at Portland Bill (Dorset) on 29th, Porthgwarra (Cornwall) on 29th and in Lower Moors, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 30th.

The first of the autumn arrived at Sumburgh Farm (Shetland) as early as 4th September, followed closely by singles at South Gare (Cleveland) on 6th, Tynemouth (Northumberland) on 6th-8th, an adult male at Newbiggin Mound (Northumberland) on 7th (with a second bird present also), Whitley bay Cemetery (Northumberland) on 7th, Arnold Memorial NR, Craster (Northumberland), on 8th, Old Fall Plantation, Flamborough Head (East Yorks) on 8th-9th, 2 on Holy Island (Northumberland) on 8th, Quarff (Shetland) on 13th,Brough, Whalsay (Shetland) on 13th-14th, 2 at Helendale (Shetland) on 14th, Springfield Park, Arbroath (Angus) on 14th, Toab (Shetland) on 15th, an adult male at Flamborough Head Lighthouse on 15th-16th, Holy Island (Northumberland) on 15th, St Abb’s Head (Borders) on 15th, Castle Hill, Scarborough (North Yorks) on 16th (adult and first-winter), South Landing, Flamborough Head, on 17th, Foula (Shetland) on 20th, Beacon Lane, Kilnsea (East Yorks) on 22nd, Theddlethorpe St Helen (Lincs) on 22nd, Sammy’s Point, Kilnsea (East Yorks) on 23rd, Raindale Ravine, Robin Hood’s Bay (North Yorks) on 23rd, Spurn Point (East Yorks) on 23rd, Kilnsea Churchyard (East Yorks) on 23rd-24th, Bempton Cliffs RSPB (East Yorks) on 24th-25th, Great Yarmouth St Nicholas Churchyard (Norfolk) on 24th, Eccles-on-Sea (Norfolk) on 24th, Great Yarmouth Caister Road Cemetery (Norfolk) on 24th, Holy Island Chare Ends on 24th, Rimac (Lincs) on 244th-25th,2 on Filey Long Lane (North Yorks) on 24th, Flamborough Head Old Fall Hedgerow on 24th, 3 at Spurn Point on 24th(including adult male in Crown & Anchor car park), Hartlepool Headland (Cleveland) on 25th, Rattray Head (Aberdeenshire) on 25th, St Abb’s Head on 25th, 2 at Saltwick Nab (North Yorks) on 25th, trapped and ringed in Hoddycows Lane, Buckton (East Yorks) on 25th, 2 on the Farne Islands (Northumberland) on 25th, Freiston Shore RSPB (Lincs) on 26th, Holy Island Straight Lonnen on 26th, Holkham Pines (Norfolk) on 26th-28th, Foula (Shetland) on 26th, Hartlepool St Mary’s Church (Cleveland) on 26th,Hawsker Bottoms (North Yorks) on 27th-28th,Trewevas Farm, Praa Sands (Cornwall) on 28th, Starehole Valley, Bolt Head (Devon) on 28th-29th Cot Valley (Cornwall) on 28th-29th and on Barnaby Lane, St Agnes (Scilly) on 30th.

A first-winter was present on Fair Isle on 24th-25th September. Initially spotted on Ward Hill, the bird spent most of its time around the Communications Mast perimeter fence, putting on a remarkable display for all those present on the island. It remained overnight but moved off just prior to 0815 hours on 25th.

This record comes hard on the heels of last autumn’s Flamborough Head first-winter of 3rd-4th October 2007 (fully documented in Birding World 20: 425-428) and represents the third British record following an earlier first-summer on Fair Isle on 1st-2nd July 1992 (Birding World 5: 252-255 & 18: 391-392). There is also a record from Holy Island (Northumberland) on 9th September 1956 which has never been accepted.

One was by the Ironstone Quarry Pool at Hengistbury Head (Dorset) early morning on 29th September but then flew west.

An exceptional month with over 74 individuals recorded, virtually all juveniles.

(All juveniles unless otherwise stated)
Whalsay (Shetland) on 1st-2nd, St Agnes (Scilly) on 1st-4th, Benacre Sluice Bushes (Suffolk) on 1st-3rd, High Newton, Beadnell Bay (Northumberland) on 1st, St Mary’s Island (Northumberland) on 7th-8th, 2 at Sandwich Bay (Kent) on 7th-8th, near Old Town, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 7th-8th, Blakeney Point (Norfolk) on 7th, Donna Nook (Lincs) on 7th, Scoughall (Lothian) on 8th, Soldier’s Point, Holyhead (Anglesey) on 9th-11th (adult female), Noss (Shetland) on 10th, Toab (Shetland) on 10th, Beacon Park, Gorleston-on-Sea (Norfolk) on 10th, Pagham Harbour North Fields (West Sussex) on 11th, Hauxley NR (Northumberland) on 12th, Quendale Dunes (Shetland) on 12th, Houbie/Brough Lodge, Fetlar (Shetland), on 12th-13th, Bardsey Island (Gwynedd) on 13th, East Shore Village, Seaham (Durham) on 13th, Druridge Pools (Northumberland) on 13th-17th, Long Drag (Cleveland) on 13th-18th, St Margaret’s Hope (Orkney) on 13th-14th, Kinneff Old Manse garden (Aberdeenshire) on 13th, Thorney Island Longmere Point (West Sussex) on 13th-26th, Newland’s Farm, Ramsgate (Kent), on 13th, Out Skerries (Shetland) on 14th, Yell (Shetland) on 14th, Sandwick (Shetland) on 14th-19th, Hartlepool Headland (Cleveland) on 14th, Low Hauxley (Northumberland) on 14th, Heacham (Norfolk) on 14th, Overstrand Golf Course (Norfolk) on 14th, Goonhilly Downs (Cornwall) on 14th, Springfield Park, Arbroath (Angus) on 14th, Spurn Point (East Yorks) on 14th-27th, Hopton-on-Sea Golf Course (Norfolk) on 14th, Fair Isle on 15th-18th, Exnaboe and Grutness (Shetland) on 15th, Winterton South Dunes (Norfolk) on 15th-19th, Sammy’s Point, Kilnsea (East Yorks), on 15th-17th, Stove, Unst (Shetland), on 16th, Baltasound, Unst (Shetland), on 16th, The Garrison, St Mary’s (Scilly) on 16th, Wormiston (Fife) on 17th, Brough, Whalsay (Shetland), on 17th, Rossall School, Fleetwood (Lancs), on 17th-18th, Donmouth (Aberdeenshire) on 17th, Leebotton (Shetland) on 17th, Exnaboe again on 17th-21st, Helston Loe Pool (Cornwall) on 18th-24th, Dawdon Blast Beach (Durham) on 19th, Otterswick, Yell (Shetland), on 19th-22nd, North Ronaldsay (Orkney) on 20th, Margate Cemetery (Kent) on 20th-21st, Quendale (Shetland) on 21st, Cunningsburgh (Shetland) on 21st, Eswick (Shetland) on 21st, Easington (East Yorks) on 21st-27th, Cantley Beet Factory (Norfolk) on 21st, Channerwick (Shetland) on 22nd, Flamborough Head (East Yorks) on 22nd-28th, Larford Pool (Worcs) on 24th-25th, St Martin’s (Scilly) on 25th, Westing, Unst (Shetland), on 25th-28th, Hunstanton Golf Course (Norfolk) on 26th-29th, Keyhaven Marshes (Hants) on 27th-29th, Sandwich Bay (Kent) on 27th, Burnham Overy Dunes (Norfolk) on 27th-30th, Mark Moor (Somerset) on 27th, Haverigg (Cumbria) on 27th, Devil’s Dyke, Brighton (East Sussex) on 27th-29th and West Charleton Marsh (South Devon) on 28th.

Single juveniles were between Reap Lane and Barleycrates Lane, Weston (Portland) (Dorset) on 10th-12th, Beeston Bump (Norfolk) on 28th-29th and on Papa Westray (Orkney) on 30th, whilst an advanced first-winter (most likely an Eastern Woodchat – form niloticus) graced Greatham Creek (Cleveland) on 18th.

An adult male of the nominate form remained at Flamborough Head (East Yorks) on 24th-25th, affording 800 observers with views of this rare shrike (see images opposite).

A surprising number of September records, with an adult at Ramsgate (Kent) on 24th preceding a large influx involving some 22 individuals. Up to 4 different birds were recorded in the Spurn area (East Yorks) from 24th-30th, with at least one at Burnham Overy Dunes (Norfolk) from 24th-30th and further birds at Winterton South Dunes (Norfolk) on 25th-27th, Choseley Drying Barns (Norfolk) on 25th-30th, Pegwell Bay (Kent) on 25th (presumably the Margate bird relocating), Horse Shoe Point (North Lincs) on 25th, Waxham Dunes (Norfolk) on 26th, Hickling Broad (Norfolk) on 26th-27th, St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe (Kent) on 26th, Ripple Church (TR 350 502) (Kent) on 27th-29th, Minsmere RSPB North Bushes (Suffolk) on 27th, Brent Reservoir (London) on 28th-30th, Trimley Marshes SWT (Suffolk) on 28th, Eccles-on-Sea (Norfolk) on 29th, Wicken Fen (Cambs) on 28th, Hemsby (Norfolk) on 29th, Bredicot east of the A4538 at cSO 901 553 (Worcs) on 30th and at Ashleworth Ham (Gloucs) on 30th.

A wide-ranging adult moved between Sheringham Golf Course and Weybourne Camp (Norfolk) from 24th-28th September, spending much of its time in the valley of dead trees and vegetation 1.3 miles east of Weybourne Beach car park.

A juvenile was at Portland Bill (Dorset) on 1st-2nd, with another on private land in Lytchett Bay (Dorset) on 10th, at Benacre (Suffolk) on 13th, at Sandwick (Shetland) on 15th-21st, in Treen car park (Cornwall) on 16th-17th (adult), by St Levan Church (Cornwall) on 16th-18th (then subsequently at Ardansawah Farm, Polgigga, and Land’s End from 17th-29th), near Reculver (Kent) on 18th, at Bowmore, Islay (Argyll) on 19th & 26th (adult), at Point of Ayre (Isle of Man) on 19th, in Lizard village (Cornwall) on 21st-28th, at South Queensferry (Lothian) on 25th and at Burniston (North Yorks) on 26th-27th.

Once again, the Northern Isles experienced a major arrival of rostrata and islandica redpolls in September, whilst further south, large numbers of Mealy and Lesser Redpolls were invading (along with Siskins).

One was reported at South Landing, Flamborough Head (East Yorks), on 26th.

A juvenile remained on Fair Isle from 8th-14th September, whilst another visited a private garden in Old Cassop (Durham) on 17th.

A juvenile remained on North Ronaldsay (Orkney) from 6th-10th September, whilst elsewhere in the Northern Isles, singles were noted on Out Skerries (Shetland) on 1st, Asta (Shetland) on 2nd, Burrafirth (Unst) on 9th, Quarff (Shetland) on 10th, Hoswick (Shetland) on 11th, Norwick (Unst) on 12th, at Feal Burn and at Funzie on Fetlar (Shetland) on 12th, Skaw (Unst) on 13th-15th, two at Swinister Burn (Shetland) on 15th-21st, Brough, South Nesting (Shetland) on 21st, two on Out Skerries on 25th-27th, Norwick on 28th, two at Lunna (Shetland) on 28th, Scousburgh (Shetland) on 28th-30th and at Brough, Whalsay, on 29th.

On Fair Isle, there was two present on 3rd-4th (with one remaining until 9th), three on 12th-14th (with 2 to 18th & 1 to 19th), with two more on 24th-30th.

Elsewhere, juveniles were noted at Skirza Crop, Freswick (Caithness) on 10th, Rattray Head (Aberdeenshire) on 16th-20th, Foula (Shetland) on 20th, Horgabost, Harris (Outer Hebrides) on 21st and on Lundy Island (Devon) on 29th,

One was present near the mill at Hametoun, Foula (Shetland), on 28th-29th.

One commuted between Hoswick and Swinister (Shetland) on 15th-17th, with others on Blakeney Point (Norfolk) on 26th, at Weybourne (Norfolk) briefly on 26th and at Utra, Fair Isle, on 27th. On the Isles of Scilly, two frequented the Carn Friars Marigold fields on St Mary’s from 28th-30th.

There were three recorded in September 2008 – at Haroldswick, Unst (Shetland), on 17th, trapped and ringed at Landguard NR (Suffolk) on 24th (see in-hand photographs below, taken by Paul Oldfield) and at Walney Island (Cumbria) from 27th-30th.

Singles were noted at Haroldswick (Unst) on 2nd, Portland Bill Top Fields (Dorset) on 2nd & 8th, Norwick (Unst) on 5th, Fair Isle on 3rd-6th, Holy Island Snook (Northumberland) on 7th, Prior’s Park, Tynemouth (Northumberland) on 7th, Barleycrates Lane, Weston (Portland) (Dorset) on 9th, Hengistbury Head (Dorset) on 10th, Durlston CP (Dorset) on 13th, Tresta, Fetlar (Shetland) on 13th, Studland Bay (Dorset) on 14th, St Mary’s Airfield (Scilly) on 14th & 17th, Soldier’s Point, Holyhead (Anglesey) on 15th-17th, on Lundy Island (Devon) on 16th,, at Trimingham (Norfolk) on 16th, by Virkie Willows (Shetland) on 17th, Beesands Ley (South Devon) on 18th, Landguard NR (Suffolk) on 19th, Polgigga (Cornwall) on 19th, Kilnsea (East Yorks) on 25th and on Bardsey Island (Gwynedd) on 28th.

The fourth for Britain remained on North Ronaldsay (Orkney) from 19th-21st September, favouring the fields in the vicinity of Pete Donnelly’s garden at Sangar. It was eventually twitched by up to 62 observers.

A male was on wires and in gardens on the west side of Castlebay, Barra (Outer Hebrides) on 21st. (see Steve Duffield’s image below)

On Shetland, singles were noted at Aith, Fetlar, on 12th and at Brough Quarry, Whalsay, on 13th.