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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

BAIRD'S SANDPIPER in SOMERSET - more detailed access instructions

A quick note on the directions for the Baird's Sand in Somerset. It can indeed be viewed by walking along the south side of the Brue estuary, but the waders usually roost on that side, so viewing can be difficult and the risk of flushing the birds is greater. Easier access is by parking at the southern end of Burnham-on-Sea seafront and walking east along the tarmac/gravel track along the north side of the estuary for approx 0.25 mile. The wader roost is usually opposite the signboard for Apex Park or a little further downstream (ie towards Burnham), and should be obvious once on site.

If not there, there is a secondary roost site further up the estuary, usually near a large boat hauled out on the south side. (Usually known as 'Fred's boat', it hasn't moved for years, and is obvious.)

Good luck if you're looking.

Julian Thomas