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Wednesday, 27 August 2008


News is coming in of a WATERTHRUSH species, perhaps NORTHERN, in the Central Bog area of Cape Clear Island (County Cork) (note that this is a very early date for a migrant Northern Waterthrush in Europe although not unprecedented). At the same time, birders searching for this bird have just located a SOLITARY SANDPIPER at the same site, both birds still on view at 1130 hours.

Nearby, the first-winter female YELLOW WARBLER continues to perform well in the garden by Lough Errul, at the west end of the island, and in County Cork also, the male YELLOW WARBLER continues to attract admirers at Mizen Head

The only previous record of Northern Waterthrush in Ireland was on 10th-11th September 1983; incidentally also on Cape Clear and also in Central Bog found by T.Murphy and observed by a lucky few including Dennis O'Sullivan and John Coveney).

There have been 3 previous Solitary Sandpipers in Ireland: September 1968 at Akeragh Lough found by Frank King (who else), September 1971 at Lissagriffin Lake found by Richard T. Mills and Tom Kelly and the last was also on Cape Clear Island at Central Bog and to the west of Lough Errul on 'Cadigans land found by a P.J. Ewins from 15 - 17 September 1974.

Joe Hobbs