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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

UK400 Club Life List Submissions

In recent days, quite a few Life List submissions have been arriving on my computer, several of which being erroneously filled in.

Just to clarify, several Category E/I species are NOT COUNTABLE at present. Specifically, these are

CHILEAN FLAMINGO (this species is breeding in Germany with a population of at least 44 birds - some of these reach the East Coast of Britain as vagrants)

SACRED IBIS (large self-sustaining populations in southern France, Italy and elsewhere in Europe, some of which may occasionally stray to Britain or Ireland)

AUSTRALIAN BLACK SWAN (well over 100 pairs now established in The Netherlands where some of our birds derive; we also have 88 or more individuals currently with breeding taking place)

BAR-HEADED GOOSE (Again, large feral population in The Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, flocks of which have arrived post-breeding in Britain; also increasing feral UK population)

MONK PARAKEET (non-naturalised UK population peaked at 77 birds but now being targeted for destruction by Defra)

All of the above species remain under review but for the time being, DO NOT COUNT towards any total, be it Life or Year

Many thanks