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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Disgraceful deceit by Defra in relation to MONK PARAKEET slaying

Borehamwood residents have forced Defra in admitting that they have shot and Killed 8 Monk Parakeets - in total contradiction to what was agreed and sanctioned by the RSPB officials tasked with commenting upon the campaign and its purpose. I had been assured that Monk Parakeets were to be captured and repatriated but information gained through the Freedom of Information Act has confirmed that birds (all derived from pet birds) are actually being mercilessly destroyed. The residents of Borehamwood have now set up a petition demanding that the birds be left alone with over 75% of the town supporting it. Defra have admitted spending an astonishing £90,000 on the scheme, on top of £38,000 spent in 2008 - what an absolute waste of valuable public resources at a time when 11% of UK children are said to be in poverty - a national disgrace, on top of an estimated £5.9 million pounds thrown away on the eradication of North American Ruddy Duck. The RSPB will definitely not be getting my resubscription whilst they continue to back such campaigns

Lee Evans