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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Colour-ringed Spanish VULTURES make it to Northern France

Jonathan Williams has very kindly notified me of a flock of 40 or so vultures first seen in Lorraine, France, on Tuesday evening. Since then some more highly interesting information has come to light this morning from the original observer who went back to see them yesterday.

Firstly the group contained 1 EURASIAN BLACK VULTURE which is the first record for Lorraine. But perhaps most interestingly, 2 of the EURASIAN GRIFFON VULTURES were colour ringed and the combination has revealed a Spanish origin for the birds. Jon had assumed an origin in the Alps or massif central, but it would appear these birds, and perhaps maybe all of the more northerly European sightings could be of Spanish origin?

If they are coming from this far south and getting this far north then a British record is surely not too far away, if they can just survive that sea crossing?