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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Please help the MONK PARAKEET and please DO NOT DIVULGE LOCATIONS of last few surviving RUDDY DUCKS

Please help save our region's Monk Parakeets

Last night, I was given the devastating news that Defra had shot and killed 8 of Borehamwood's 51 Monk Parakeets as part of a proposed cull of this species in Britain. The RSPB had supported action against these birds (not quite sure why) but only provided Defra CAPTURED the birds and took them into confinement. That word has clearly not been kept and I now urge many of you to sign the petition provided by the link below

Monk Parakeet constructs its own colonial nest and is primarily an urban species. Claims by Defra of Monk Parakeets affecting agriculture by destroying crops is a nonsense in a UK context

More upsetting news concerns North American Ruddy Ducks; Defra now plan to continue killing Ruddy Ducks up until at least 2015 and plan to wipe the species off of the face of Britain - disgraceful. They have professional moles in every camp, provided by ornithologists that support the cull. Please keep any Ruddy Duck sightings to yourself and do not publicise them or provide anyone with the location - please email me at with any information, so that I can take steps to protect them should they be away from bodies of water with government access

LEE EVANS, British Birding Association