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Monday, 17 November 2008

Inland Cambridgeshire Slavonian Grebe


This was a stroke of luck! I can't remember the last time I checked out this site, so definitely jammy to stumble across this little gem in my lunch break today. I used to count the lake for WeBS years ago when it was known as Drysides Pit and found a Slavonian Grebe there once back then. It is favouring the western end of the Bradley Fen pit but lurks in the reeds at times and was quite mobile. Park near Stanground Lock and take the the green wheel path east for 1.5km to view distantly from c.TL222977.

Stretching the art of digiscoping through the gloom and distance produced this record shot:

A couple of Chiffchaffs and a couple of Goldcrests were also between the pit and the railway bridge, a Sparrowhawk was kicking about and there were masses of gulls on the pit.

Brian Stone