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Monday, 6 July 2009


River Warbler - Applecross.

Behind the Heritage Centre near the cemetery at NG 712 458. The bird has been present since Sunday 28 June. although ID was only confirmed several days later. Showing (and singing) very well from early morning throughout the day favouring the scrub and Poplar trees in the immediate vicinity of the Heritage Centre. Al McNee and I only received the info at the end of June and went to view the bird arriving at Applecross around 6pm. The bird didn't show immediately but did give very short burst of song for the next couple of hours showing very briefly when it flew from some scrub. At 10pm the bird started to sing continually for periods in excess of 1 minute and showed extremely well. Photo, video and sound recordings were made (poor to reasonable quality due to light). Although the light was by this time quite poor it was extremely confiding.

Regards Dave Tanner and Al McNee