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Saturday, 18 July 2009


On Friday 17th July I was sent a series of photographs from the RSPB Cymru office in Cardiff. These showed a BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD which had been in a private south Pembrokeshire garden from July 13th-15th. The home owners had correctly identified the bird from searching the internet. They they sent the images to RSPB on the evening of 16th.

I spoke to the home owners yesterday evening who requested that information on the location of the bird was not released.

The bird was looked for today but not found. It has not been seen since the evening of 15th. If accepted, this will be the first record for Wales and potentially the 5th for Britain (there are currently 3 other records pending, all from 2009).

Thanks to the finders for sharing this extremely exciting information with us and for supplying the images. The home owners have been extremely co-operative but understandably do not want further details of the location to be released and I intend to fully respect their wishes.

Greg Morgan (RSPB Ramsey Island)