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Sunday, 16 October 2011

SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE arrives in South Devon

What may have been the same SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE that was seen in the Channel Islands last week flew low over Lee Collins' head minutes after lunchtime today at Dawlish Warren (South Devon). Lee watched the bird flap heavily as it made its way across open water of the River Exe and then once over Exmouth, circled around for five minutes. It then gained height and appeared to fly inland and Lee lost it from view.

At around the same time, the bird was reportedly intercepted independently by A.J.Bellamy, and was watched heading out to Orcombe Point to the south of Exmouth. It then flew strongly east at 1215 hours.

Just under three hours later, at 1515 hours, it was watched flying east over the sea offshore of Lyme Regis (Dorset), but interestingly was not seen by watchers in the Seaton/Axmouth area or at Portland Bill.

A large raptor, considered to be an eagle, was also seen by Robin Kham over Haldon Forest (South Devon) at 0938 hours