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Friday, 14 October 2011


Whilst walking back from East Hills this afternoon, Rob Martin stumbled upon a RUFOUS-TAILED ROBIN feeding on the Warham Greens westernmost track. The bird was favouring the track about 90 yards north of the concrete pad and initially showed well. James McCallum was also quick on the scene, as well as Richard Millington, who happened to be on site on spec after a report of a Barred Warbler there came through. News slowly filtered out and within an hour, just over 50 birders gathered on site, perhaps 20 of them obtaining some reasonable views. With more and more people arriving, the bird became more furtive and kept very much to the foliage on both sides of the track, only occasionally being glimpsed in flight. It was assumed to have roosted in some ivy.


It is imperative for all concerned that NOBODY walks down the track before daylight beyond the pad and once dawned, attempts made by just a few to locate it. It is also important that birders all approach the site from the same direction to minimize disturbance and to not spook the bird.

There is room for about 50 vehicles on the Warham Greens track and arrangements are being made to allow further parking in one of the fields. I shall be on site trying to organise things and will attempt to make sure that everybody that wishes to, gets an opportunity to see this mega-rare Siberian vagrant.

Frustratingly, it is a clear, cold night this evening in North Norfolk and there is a high degree of likelihood that the bird will move on. Who knows !