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Thursday, 28 October 2010

AMERICAN BITTERN - additional information and guidance

I just need to reiterate that there has been no question of suppression here. The bird in question was first seen by local farmers, then walkers and then the parents of today's birder. It has been present for at least four days and can be extremely confiding and approachable - it was just being treated as a ''Bittern'' before it was checked out this evening. During the search, it was inadvertently flushed and did leave the pool, but presumably will return overnight.

This is a bird that many of us will want to see and it is likely that it will stay here for a considerable time if not flushed repeatedly or pestered. Therefore I expect everyone to be on their best behaviour and keep others in check - I do not want a repeat of the selfish behaviour that saw the departure of the Eurasian Bittern at Beeston Common a few years back. This latter bird had been kept from the pagers for over a week before being leaked. The news was released and within hours it was flushed away for good by careless and very inconsiderate people trying to take close-up photographs. The American Green Heron at Heligan has also suffered occasionally from the same behaviour during its long stay.