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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Thousands upon thousands of BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS flocking to Britain

Birdline Scotland featured an incredible 4,000 or more BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS yesterday evening, heralding one of the earliest and largest invasions of this species in modern times. Quite the reason for such an explosion is unclear at present but it will be interesting to know the ratio of young against adult-type birds in the flocks. The largest single flock reported yesterday was of 220+ birds in Orkney, whilst today we are looking at 480+ in Pitlochry and 320 in Aberfeldy.

To get a more accurate assessment of the records and to learn perhaps of more in your region, Birdline Scotland is constantly updated with the latest sightings - phone 09068 700234 for details (please note that this is a premium-rate line).
The superb portraits above were all taken by ace photographer Morris Rendall and represent a fraction of the 400 or so birds currently ranging the Orkney Islands.