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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ray Turley cremation

Ray's cremation took place in Goa shortly after he died, with 30 or so birders attending the hastily arranged service (many from Britain, including Tom Tams, Steve Rock, Tim Sexton, Ian Lawrie and Roger Davies). All had been with Ray and Janet at Backwoods Camp and Tom and others had been celebrating with Ray in to the late hours of 14 February after they had successfully tracked down both Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher and Common Hawk Cuckoo - two species Ray had never seen before. It was in the early hours of 15 February that Ray suffered the fatal heart attack. Tim's wife Gail supported Janet throughout the entire ordeal and was a tremendous rock to fall on.

Janet has now returned to Dungeness and it is hoped some sort of memorial will be devoted to Ray in the Observatory Area. Although the Dungeness birding fraternity held a small service for Ray just after news was received, I do not know at present whether Janet intends to hold a more general dedication to his life. If that is her wish, then I will broadcast any details as and when (Lee Evans)