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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Up to 60,000 Badgers may be culled - a black day indeed

The coalition government today gave in to farmers demands to allow a partial cull to take place in Britain - from Cornwall and Devon through Somerset and Wiltshire up to Gloucestershire and the West Midlands. In other words, in the stronghold of the species' breeding range. This is disgraceful and needs to be opposed vehemently. Even former government advisor Lord Knebs acknowledges that the science of the cull is heavily flawed. Bovine TB has been known from the Isle of Man in cattle - Badgers do not occur there.

At worst, Badgers should be caught and vaccinated against the disease. Killing up to 60,000 of these charming animals is a disgusting misuse of the laws of this country - the actions of Fera never failing to amaze me

Lee G R Evans