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Friday, 15 July 2011

RED-FOOTED BOOBY in Southern France

This RED-FOOTED BOOBY, a near-adult, has spent over 10 days at Lac de Saint-Croix, 43 kms east of Junction 18 of the A51 toll road at Manosque.

Although initially favouring the popular public area of the lake at the NE end by the bridge (especially at dawn and dusk), it has now moved to the tiny harbour at les Salles-sur Verdon, on the south shore, and the extreme west end of the lake.

This lake is particularly popular with tourists and attracts well over 15,000 people daily. Consequently, the Booby finds it hard to find a quiet patch of water to fish and feed. Furthermore, due to the actions of some visiting birdwatchers, local propreitors have taken to flushing the bird early every morning to keep it away from pontoons and quays where birders have been congregating without permission.

Although still present yesterday, it did fly off strongly to the south at 1115 hours and was not seen all afternoon (per Aurelien)