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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

AMERICAN BITTERN at Walmsley Sanctuary - revisited

I am on the committee for the Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society. We manage the Walmsley reserve at Wadebridge, where the American Bittern is currently residing. I would just like to make some small points regarding the reserve, the hides and the parking.

Firstly we have to be very grateful that there is any parking. The local farmer has allowed access with no extra cost to the society. I think it is very lucky that the field will be ploughed very soon. It is also worth bearing in mind that under normal circumstances 3 or 4 cars is all that can safely be parked at the reserve.

The hides are very well maintained and kept tidy. The main tower hide is a fantastic high level vantage point. It holds around 20 people comfortably, of course this is going to be the best place to view the Bittern. However I had fantastic views of the bird from the other hide late this afternoon were I was alone for over an hour. So use your intellect instead of getting gently irritated by the crowds.

Could all visitors please stick to the outside of the fields and not walk straight through the middle. This will help our relationship with the farmer who owns these fields. There are major works happening at the far edge of the reserve at the moment in which they are re-routing a river. We have just had a new scrape put in to the right of the Tower hide so the reserve is not at its most attractive at present. But my point is the heavy machinery is there for a reason, and does not seem to affect the Bittern. Lastly please respect that the reserve is a members only site, and I’m sure all of the regular patch watchers will be more than accommodating and helpful. Please be polite and return the favour, let’s keep Walmsley the attractive reserve that it is.

Kind Regards and Good Luck

Peter Roseveare and All from CBWPS