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Sunday, 18 November 2012

The PINE GROSBEAK invasion in Scandinavia


There has been 42.000 Pine Grosbeaks in Finland between 15th October and 18th November. Vast majority have been recorded in Southern Finland and the migration was peaking from 20th October to 5th November. Source is BirdLife Finlands Tiira-database (Petteri Mäkelä)


So far almost 200 Pine Grosbeaks (at 20 sites) have reached Denmark during 30th October to 18th November 2012. The biggest flocks were 13 and 14 birds at Skagen and Nordmandshage respectively (Nordjylland).

62 birds migrating south at Nordmandshage east of Aaborg on 12th was a new Danish record count. The Skagen og Nordmandshage birds had probably flown in from sea (Kattegat) from Sweden shortly before being discovered. Following the first records in the far NE, birds have migrated to central and even western Denmark but still there are no records from southernmost Denmark. Most records are along the Kattegat coasts including several birds that have finally also reached northern Sjælland despite just three Skåne (Sweden) records this year.This is by far the biggest invasion ever recorded in Denmark (Rolf Christensen)