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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Vulnerable and rare shark targeted in Egypt after 5 attacks

The Oceanic White-tipped Shark is a globally threatened species and after being attracted in small numbers to the coastline off of Sharm el Sheik tourist town by the throwing of large carcasses from passing vessels, the Egyptian authorities in this region are now making determined efforts to destroy any large fish within the vicinity. Already, three different species of shark have been killed and hauled out of the water and the hunt is still on. The sea and reef environment belongs to the fish and other wildlife and not the swimmers and diving community - the killing of these creatures is disgraceful (Lee G R Evans)

''Dear Lee, EgyBird Members, and HEPCA supporters,
Your assessment is right on. The boats, and authority, of the South Sinai EEAA/NCS, or "South Sinai Protectorates," have been so undermined by the actions or inactions of the Manager of SS Protectorates, that monitoring of dangers such as passing boats throwing stuff that attracted the oceanic sharks, and preventing such actions, has been "dead" for a long time. And this is the result. The response, of course, by a government that takes no notice whatsoever of its biology experts and is ruled by the Great God Tourist Numbers, is to kill the cetaceans, no matter what sort. When the only nature protection agency of a country is so totally disabled, it is difficult to know who can deal rationally with the incident or the future. Good-bye Tourism, good-bye cetaceans'' (Mary Megalli)