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Sunday, 12 September 2010


Mark Carmody has very kindly provided me with the following information -

''Lee, The INDIAN HOUSE CROW was seen today in Cobh, County Cork, by Jim Wilson, the original finder who first glimpsed the bird without binoculars eight days ago. The bird was photographed. When entering Great Island, over a small humpback bridge, take theright turn and follow this road in for approx. 6km. You will pass a nowredundant dockyard on your right and further up the road a garage on yourleft. Follow the road through a cross-roads and keep on this road. You willsee the sea on your right as you enter into Cobh town front. The firstsquare on your left with a large monument is where the bird has been seen.It is very vocal and has been seen sitting on the window sills of thebuildings there. The town is disc parking and the traffic warden is usuallypatrolling. Discs can be purchased in the shops close to this square.Best Regards, Mark''

Under UK400 Club rules relating to ship-assisted Vagrants, this individual is FULLY ACCEPTABLE, with special license given to this species due to its frequent utilisation of vessels