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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

EASTERN OLLY - 391 for year

With the further addition of 10 new species since my last update in July, the total number of species now recorded in 2010 in combined British and Irish land, air and sea space has now risen to 391 species.

The new additions are as follows -:

RED-NECKED STINT (a crippling adult in summer plumage at Ferrybridge, Weymouth)

SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPER (a well-twitched adult on the River Humber at Kilnsea, East Yorks)

CHIMNEY SWIFT (a briefly seen very early individual in County Cork)

CITRINE WAGTAIL (a wave of juveniles/first-winters this past week)

AQUATIC WARBLER (about 10 so far, none of which have been twitchable)

EASTERN OLIVACEOUS WARBLER (today's bird at Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire)

BOOTED WARBLER (late afternoon bird on Blakeney Point, Norfolk)

SYKES'S BOOTED WARBLER (two individuals, with singles on Shetland and in Northumberland, the latter yielding the first lifer of the year for many British twitchers)

LESSER GREY SHRIKE (three-dayer in Kelling area, North Norfolk)

BLACK-HEADED BUNTING (brief male in Scottish Highland)