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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Young CASPIAN TERN in Staffordshire/Cheshire

A first-summer CASPIAN TERN (pictured superbly above by David Carr) was discovered at Acre Nook Sand Quarry, 2 miles SSE of Chelford (Cheshire) on Wednesday night, roosting overnight with Black-headed Gulls on the mud there. It represented the fourth county record. It reappeared again the following evening before being intercepted at its daytime roost - about 6 miles away at Rudyard Reservoir near Leek in Staffordshire. It remained at Rudyard all day Friday, before returning once more to Acre Nook to roost. This same pattern of occurrence followed Saturday, allowing 500 birders or more to connect.

Acre Nook Directions: From the A535 Holmes Chapel Road, take Lapwing Lane southwestwards for just under a mile to view (SJ 820 723)

Rudyard Reservoir Directions: NW of Leek on the A523, turn west at Ryecroft Gate on Beat Lane and after 100 yards, turn left by the cottages and follow the rough track towards the north end of the reservoir for half a mile, parking by the barrier.

Another great selection of Caspo shots taken by STEVE SEAL