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Friday, 19 July 2013

Local Mega: ROCK THRUSH in Aberdeenshire (2nd day)

First-summer Rock Thrush, Scotston, Aberdeenshire, 18 July. Found by Margaret Cowie and confirmed shortly later by local birder Tim Marshall, the photographer of this shot above.

Still present today (Friday 19 July)

The Rock Thrush is at NK113520 and present until at least 0830 this morning.  It is in the second field to the south of the obvious parking area at Scotstoun, just c20m beyond the gate leading into this second field, on the ground in an obvious sandy area full of thistles and rabbit holes.  Everyone last night  [only about 15 or so observers in total] was watching it from the little ridge just to the west as this gave a much better view looking down on the bird which frequently was in sandy holes and would not otherwise have been seen at all easily (per Al McNee)