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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Norfolk listing stalwart dies suddenly in his sleep

Robin Able, just 59 years of age, died suddenly in his sleep this week. Robin was very well known in Norfolk circles being keen as mustard on county-yearlisting and surveying, achieving in 2010 an annual county tally of 281 species (UK400 Club Guidelines) - the highest number of species recorded in any single county in one calendar year. He was out in all weathers, virtually on a daily basis and would mark out regions of the county to check, especially in spring and autumn when migrants were coming through. He always seemed to be a tower of strength and remained to this day of internet birding news, a major cog in my birding information chain. Although very much a birding loner, he was always keen to chat at a rare and leaves behind a lot of friends he had become attached to during his long and illustrious career within Norfolk. Another huge loss to birding - rest in peace, Robin

Lee Evans