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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dutch ringed SNOW GOOSE on ORKNEY

SNOW GOOSE details have come back for those of you who are interested in the origins of visitors to our shores (wild or feral)! The Snow Goose seen recently in ORKNEY with a darvic leg ring was ringed as a gosling in Neuss, Dusseldorf, GERMANY in June 2009 where it remained until April 2010 (amongst a flock of 70 birds)... In January, it turned up with nine others on a canal in the middle of Utrecht, NETHERLANDS where it remained for a month before next being seen a few miles north at Koehool, Friesland NL (with 83 others!). It returned to Utrecht in November 2011 (as part of a flock of 6) before next turning up on Orkney a couple of days ago. Perhaps not the real deal but, interesting nontheless.

Orkney is approx. 1000km from where this particular bird was originally reared. I wonder where it will go from here...

Alan Leitch