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Thursday, 15 October 2009

PADDYFIELD WARBLER trapped and ringed at Snettisham Pits, NORFOLK

Trapped and ringed by myself this afternoon at Snettisham Coastal Park, Norfolk.

I put a two shelf net across the small reed channel hoping to catch the 10 Bearded Tits that had been calling all morning, these pass through regularly each Oct / Nov.
On the last net round of the session I walked up to the net to see a small bird in the far end, thinking it was a Beardie I was chuffed with the decision to put up the net. on reaching the bird I immediately realised in was no Beardie and in fact was a warbler. I knew immediately that it was something very different with the overall colour of the bird being a sandy buff and rufous mix, with a stonking supercilium. My mind was racing a bit as I tried to put a name to it, Desert Warbler came to mind, but not with that supercilium.... I don't know how or why but then Paddyfield popped into my head. The bird was extracted and I finished the net round, and with about 10 birds to process I contacted Jim Scott at RSPB Snettisham to provide pictorial literature, Sue Bryan and John Middleton (ringer) and my father. All the other birds were processed prior to this bird allowing 25 minutes for the additional experience and checker to arrive. the bird was ringed measured and a description taken along with biometrics and a series of photos.
It was confirmed as a PADDYFIELD WARBLER - only the third county record*. The bird was released at 2.15pm and promptly flew back to the reed channel.

Wing 57mm
Wing Point 3-4
Emarginated 3/4/5
notch on 2nd P 13.5mm
notch on P2 = 6mm shorter than SS
notch on P3 = SS
P1 = longest PC

Bill to feather 10.7mm
Bill to skull 13.9
*Previous Paddyfield Warbler records in Norfolk - 1) A first-weinter trapped and ringed in a hedgerow between Weybourne and Sheringham on 24 September 1993 and 2) a bird at East Hills, Wells, on 23 September 1996
Trevor Girling