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Friday, 30 October 2009

Apparent BRIGHT GREEN WARBLER still present

The probable BRIGHT-GREEN WARBLER is still present in Church Cove on The Lizard (West Cornwall) this morning. Identification has been confused by the mixed messages coming out from the site.

I believe that there is now a very strong possibility that this bird actually IS a Green Warbler, mainly due to its yellowish tones to the throat, chin, supercilium, ear-coverts and face, its obviously longer and stouter bill, very prominent, broad, single bright wingbar and primary projection. It is not an obvious individual by any stretch of the imagination but a very subtle one.

I am afraid I cannot offer any firmer position that that and appreciate the fact that this bird is a long journey for anyone contemplating seeing it. Identification of birds from the western part of the natural range can be very problematical (per Arnoud van den Berg).

What will be essential in perhaps sorting this is getting hold of a recording of its call. Magnus Robb will certainly be in a position to identify it with a recording. To the human ear, the calls of both species are virtually inseparable (Lee Evans)