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Friday, 8 November 2013

Southern Ground Hornbill Research

I am contacting to you on behalf of CNCZ (Children and Nature Conservation Zimbabwe Trust). The CNCZ is a non-profit making organisation which promotes awareness and conservation of biological and cultural diversity through ecosystem protection. CNCZ also conducts wildlife research and provides direct financial benefits for conservation through responsible eco-tourism.

An important part of CNCZ’s work is their Southern Hornbill Research. The projects aims are:
• To gain scientific understanding of the environmental conditions that promote the survival and successful reproduction of ground hornbills as well as identifying key strongholds of this species and help prevent further habitat degradation.
• To monitor the populations and breeding performance of ground hornbill groups identified.
• To study the density, mean group size, territory and home range size.
• To create awareness through school workshops and involve participation of the local people.
• Publication of material
• To gradually empower and uplift the local people.

Please see the link below that gives more in-depth information on this wonderful bird.

 I appreciate you taking the time to read this email.

Many Thanks

Jenn Slaymaker