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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Please support petition to safeguard Shibdon Pond

Shibdon Pond has been a particularly productive site with several Spotted Crake records over the years, 2 Laughing Gulls, Ring billed Gull, Ring necked Duck, Golden Oriole and a host of other interesting species.
The link to the petition is on the Gateshead Birders website::-

and the relevant piece on the front page reads:

The continued management of countryside sites by Gateshead Council’s Countryside Management Team is under serious threat of being axed in next year’s budget spending plan.
If the proposal is accepted it will have a catastrophic effect on Gateshead’s countryside and the wildlife. The country parks and nature reserves will fall into decline and degradation, litter and vandalism will grow quickly. Sites will become insecure.
We would urge you to go to Gateshead Council’s website and sign the e-petition “Save the Countryside Management Team” using the following link:

I would be most grateful if you could sign and support the petition