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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Calshot SPANISH SPARROW directions

Frustratingly, prior to full arrangements being made with the residents, the location of the Calshot SPANISH SPARROW has been released and broadcast. As a result, Sue (the owner of the house where the bird is favouring mostly) has now changed her mind about access and that will now not be forthcoming.

The consequence of this is that the bird will now be only likely viewable at the sparrow roost, from about 0800-0900 hours and from 1500-1600 hours.

There is sufficient parking in the free beach car park for about 200 cars. Walk back NW up the road for just over 500 yards to view the obvious hedgerow by the flower-filled boat at the junction of Calshot Close and the B 3053 at SU 476 015. PLEASE VIEW ONLY FROM THIS DESIGNATED VERGE WATCHPOINT, where the cones have been placed, and do not enter the private residential area unless invited to do so.

The House Sparrow flock numbers some 40 individuals and includes amongst their ranks the adult male Spanish Sparrow and an additional male and female showing intermediate Spanish x House Sparrow characters.