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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

MONK PARAKEET culling: Council withdraws permission

The Executive of Hertsmere Borough Council met for its regular scheduled briefing with Council officers earlier this evening.

At the meeting, the matter of DEFRA's culling of monk parakeets in Elstree and Borehamwood was also raised and the Executive discussed the concerns of campaigners - including local residents, councillors and Member of Parliament - against the cull.

The Executive believes that there are legitimate concerns around the cull and the way it has been carried out and which necessitate an immediate decision as to its continuance.

Officers were therefore instructed to advise DEFRA that permission to cull parakeets on Hertsmere land or property is to be withdrawn with immediate effect.

This will allow the Executive to consider both DEFRA's insistence as to why that the culling needs to take place, as well as its methods for carrying out the cull. It will also allow the Council to hear further from campaigners about their concerns and to await answers from DEFRA posed by both the Council and local MP James Clappison.

Further to that investigation, a report will be brought to the Executive of the Council, when we have had time to investigate the concerns around the cull, DEFRA's reasons for wishing it to continue, and campaigners evidence around the manner in which the cull has been carried out. Both DEFRA and campaigners will be invited to speak at the Executive meeting which I hope will be no later than the scheduled meeting of Wednesday 5th October. This report will then act to help advise the Council as to its responses to any potential future requests for culling from DEFRA, should any such future requests occur.

In the mean time and to repeat, officers will be informing DEFRA that permission for culling of monk parakeets on Hertsmere land and property is withdrawn immediately.

Cllr Morris Bright
Leader - Hertsmere Borough Council