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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Defra now targeting MONK PARAKEET population

I have recently been informed that Defra have obtained permits allowing them to eradicate free-flying Monk Parakeets in Britain (of which I have 77 individuals on file). I have no idea on what pretense they have gained this permission, or why on earth any conservation body would have sanctioned such actions, but as we have the largest population of birds in our area, I am looking for information regarding to any slayings of this species.

Monk Parakeet, unlike Ring-necked Parakeet, does not pose a threat to any of our indigenous breeding species. This highly gregarious species builds its own nest colony, the various chambers housing up to 14 individuals. It does not compete with any of our woodpeckers, Tawny Owl nor Stock Dove for nesting sites and although noisy and perhaps annoying for local residents, does not compete with other species for food other than at urbanised bird tables

A clear example of Defra yet again attacking an easy target - non-naturalised I know but largely innocent and well established across many parts of Europe, especially in Spain

Lee G R Evans