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Sunday, 27 June 2010

VOTE TODAY for your personal opinion of the MEXICAN HOUSE FINCH

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the UK400Club group:

A year ago, the UK400 Club had a vote on the validity and countability of a Great-tailed Grackle in Belgium and the overwhelming decision at that time was that ship-assisted vagrants of this nature should NOT be admitted to the UK400 Club list and be countable. This same scenario has now reared its ugly head again in Britain, with a yellow variant perhaps ship-assisted vagrant MEXICAN HOUSE FINCH that has moved between Land's End, West Cornwall, and East Prawle village, South Devon, this spring. The species is introduced in Eastern North America and is generally regarded as sedentary, with localised movements of up to 800 kms. Once again, I am soliciting a wider audience for a view on this

o I believe that non-migratory species such as the Mexican House Finch should be admitted to Category A of the UK400 Club List

o I believe that largely sedentary species such as the Mexican House Finch should NOT be admitted to the List

To vote, please visit the following web page:

Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups web site listed above. Thanks!