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Monday, 29 March 2010

WOODCOCK slaying

Appalling crimes committed by gamekeepers against WOODCOCKS

Unprecedented numbers of WOODCOCKS, in terms of modern-day counting, arrived in Britain this winter, following the longest and harshest winter in western Europe for at least 50 years. Woodcock are a fascinating, intriguing and delightful resident of the dark forests and I am appalled to hear the story of one estate in Lothian, Scotland. One keeper boasted of hastily arranging a hunt just a day before a National Ban on hunting was scheduled and glorifying in the fact that his 'men' had shot and killed 91 Woodcocks, many of which were too tired and exhausted to escape from the ground. The Woodcock corpses were later sold on to a butchers at just 47 pence per head.

What national body in this day and age allows the continual carnage of Woodcock? This is as bad as killing Song Thrushes in Malta as far as I am concerned and should be outlawed.

Lee Evans (with contribution from Sonia Graham)