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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

FERA's ongoing determination to eradicate the RUDDY DUCK

I have been informed today that WWT field scouts have located 632 surviving Ruddy Ducks in Britain and it is FERA's intention to try and eradicate every last one of these birds whatever the cost (in terms of money and in disturbance) in the remaining few months that they have available. They are hellbent in mercifulessly slaughtering this charming bird, whatever the feelings of conservationists and bird-lovers like myself.

I never thought I would see the day when a bird species was completely obliterated from Britain. These are truly sad times indeed.

It's a shame that virtually zero effort has gone in to the shameful plight of the European Turtle Dove, where shooting laws are continually flouted by our EU partners in crime

Both the Goshawk and European Eagle Owl are non-naturalised residents in Britain, as well as American Mink and Grey Squirrel, I wonder if these will all be on the target list. I very much think not, as we all know that the poor Ruddy Duck was a political scapegoat and literally a 'sitting duck'

Lee G R Evans