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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The colour-ringed GLOSSY IBISES in County Wexford, IRELAND

There were two ringed GLOSSY IBISES among the initial flock of 12 birds at Killag, both with white darvic rings but neither was read. A few days later, when 8 occurred at Tacumshin one was ringed - the inscription reading: NUV , traced as being ringed as a juvenile at the Coto Donana in the summer of 2009. Last Friday I saw five birds back at the original field in Killag where the original twelve had first appeared. There was one ringed bird - PW4, and this too was ringed as a juvenile in summer of 2009 at the Coto Donana. A photograph I obtained of the bird is attached above (Killian Mullarney)